Optimized cuts and IRFs#

In order to estimate performance, you need lists of events at the DL2 level produced at the step Production of DL2 data, e.g. events with a minimal number of information:

  • Direction

  • True energy

  • Reconstructed energy

  • Score/gammaness

Three different tables of events, in HDF5 format, are needed in order to estimate the performance of the instruments:

  • Gamma-rays, considered as signal

  • Protons, considered as a source of diffuse background

  • Electrons, considered as a source of diffuse background

protopipe currently provides the DL2-to-DL3 step as performed by the EventDisplay historical pipeline. Additional scripts with different recipes can be added to the list of scripts.

The script protopipe.scripts.make_performance_EventDisplay.py is used as follows:

usage: protopipe-DL3-EventDisplay [-h] --config_file CONFIG_FILE
                                [--wave | --tail]

Make performance files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --config_file CONFIG_FILE
  --wave                if set, use wavelet cleaning
  --tail                if set, use tail cleaning (default)

The last two options can be ignored.

The configuration file for this step is performance.yaml, here an example:

 # Directory with input data file
 # [...] = your analysis local full path OUTSIDE the Vagrant box
 indir: '[...]/shared_folder/analyses/v0.4.0_dev1/data/DL2'
 # Template name for output file
 prod: 'Prod3b'
 site: 'North'
 array: 'baseline_full_array'
 zenith: '20deg'
 azimuth: '180deg' # 0deg -> north 180deg -> south
 template_input_file: 'DL2_{}_{}_merged.h5' # filled with mode and particle type
 # Directory for output files
 outdir: '[...]/shared_folder/analyses/v0.4.0_dev1/data/DL3'

   value: 50
   unit: 'h'
 cut_on_multiplicity: 4
 # Normalisation between ON and OFF regions
 alpha: 0.2

 # Radius to use for calculating bg rate
 max_bg_radius: 1.

  num_use: 10
  num_showers: 100000
  e_min: 0.003
  e_max: 330
  gen_radius: 1400
  gen_gamma: -2
  diff_cone: 0

  num_use: 20
  num_showers: 200000
  e_min: 0.004
  e_max: 600
  gen_radius: 1900
  gen_gamma: -2
  diff_cone: 10

  num_use: 20
  num_showers: 100000
  e_min: 0.003
  e_max: 330
  gen_radius: 1900
  gen_gamma: -2
  diff_cone: 10