protopipe.pipeline.final_array_to_use(original_array, subarray_selection: Union[str, List[int]], subarrays=None)[source]#

Infer IDs of telescopes and cameras with equivalent focal lengths.

This is an helper function for utils.prod3b_array.

subarraysdict [str, list [int]], optional

Dictionary of subarray names linked to lists of tel_ids automatically extracted by telescope type. If set, it will extract tel_ids from there, otherwise from the custom list given by ‘array’.


Full simulated array from the first event.

subarray_selection{str, list [int]}

Custom list of telescope IDs that the user wants to use or name of specific subarray.

tel_idslist [int]

List of telescope IDs to use in a format readable by ctapipe.

cams_and_foclensdict [str, float]

Dictionary containing the IDs of the involved cameras as inferred from the involved telescopes IDs, together with the equivalent focal lengths of the telescopes. The camera IDs will feed both the estimators and the image cleaning. The equivalent focal lengths will be used to calculate the radius of the camera on which cut for truncated images.


Complete subarray information of the final array/subarray selected.