Production of DL2 data# is used to produce tables containing reconstructed shower geometry, estimated energy and/or particle type. You will need to specify the locations of the models for the energy and gammaness estimations created in the Building the models step.

The configuration file used by this script is analysis.yaml, the same as for protopipe.scripts.data_training.

By invoking the help argument, you can get help about how the script works:

usage: protopipe-DL2 [-h] --config_file CONFIG_FILE -o OUTFILE [-m MAX_EVENTS] [-i INDIR] [-f [INFILE_LIST [INFILE_LIST ...]]]
                   [--cam_ids [CAM_IDS [CAM_IDS ...]]] [--wave_dir WAVE_DIR] [--wave_temp_dir WAVE_TEMP_DIR] [--wave | --tail] [--debug]
                   [--regressor_dir REGRESSOR_DIR] [--classifier_dir CLASSIFIER_DIR]
                   [--force_tailcut_for_extended_cleaning FORCE_TAILCUT_FOR_EXTENDED_CLEANING] [--save_images]
                   [--regressor_config REGRESSOR_CONFIG] [--classifier_config CLASSIFIER_CONFIG]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --config_file CONFIG_FILE
  -o OUTFILE, --outfile OUTFILE
  -m MAX_EVENTS, --max_events MAX_EVENTS
                        maximum number of events considered per file
  -i INDIR, --indir INDIR
  -f [INFILE_LIST [INFILE_LIST ...]], --infile_list [INFILE_LIST [INFILE_LIST ...]]
                        give a specific list of files to run on
  --cam_ids [CAM_IDS [CAM_IDS ...]]
                        give the specific list of camera types to run on
  --wave_dir WAVE_DIR   directory where to find mr_filter. if not set look in $PATH
  --wave_temp_dir WAVE_TEMP_DIR
                        directory where mr_filter to store the temporary fits files
  --wave                if set, use wavelet cleaning -- default
  --tail                if set, use tail cleaning, otherwise wavelets
  --debug               Print debugging information
  --regressor_dir REGRESSOR_DIR
                        regressors directory
  --classifier_dir CLASSIFIER_DIR
                        regressors directory
  --force_tailcut_for_extended_cleaning FORCE_TAILCUT_FOR_EXTENDED_CLEANING
                        For tailcut cleaning for energy/score estimation
  --save_images         Save images in images.h5 (one file testing)
  --regressor_config REGRESSOR_CONFIG
                        Configuration file used to produce regressor model
  --classifier_config CLASSIFIER_CONFIG
                        Configuration file used to produce classification model