protopipe.pipeline.prod3b_array(file_name, site, array)[source]#

Return tel IDs and involved cameras from configuration and simtel file.

The initial check (and the too-high cyclomatic complexity) will disappear with the advent of the final array layouts.


Name of the first file of the list of files given by the user.

array{str, list [int]}

Name of the subarray or - if not supported - a custom list of telescope IDs that the user wants to use


Can be only “north” or “south”. Currently relevant only for baseline simulations. For non-baseline simulations only custom lists of IDs matter.

tel_idslist [int]

List of telescope IDs to use in a format readable by ctapipe.

cameraslist [str]

List of camera types inferred from tel_ids. This will feed both the estimators and the image cleaning.